Cover Your Eyes

The last weekend of the summer is upon us and if you’re heading to the beach for the long weekend, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and the sunglasses.


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Now we all know that lying out in the sun without sunscreen is bad (even deadly) for your skin, but you should also be taking steps to protect your eyes.

It’s as simple as wearing sunglasses the next time you head out on a sunny day.

Now, I don’t want to hear about how you don’t wear sunglasses because they cause weird tan lines or that they make you nauseous. (Seriously, I have a friend who says wearing shades makes her queasy.) According to the experts, prolonged exposure to bright sun can lead to cataracts and retina damage down the road. And those of us sporting baby blues are at an even higher risk. (Those raccoon tans lines don’t seem like such a bad trade-off now, do they?)

By the way, those dollar store shades aren’t going to cut it. The cheapo glasses can actually do more harm than going without because they dilate the eye, letting in more harmful UV light.

So what should you buy? Ophthalmologists recommend choosing dark glasses with UV filters. You’ll know you’re getting a good pair cause it’ll have a sticker touting its UV blocking abilities right there on the lens.

If you’re still not convinced, remember that when you’re wearing shades, you look cool. (Well, most of us do.) Just don’t become one of those people who never take them off, even at night. That’s not so cool.


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