Killer Shoes

65817ebeach-bound-flip-flops-postersBouncing around the web recently and came across this headline “Can Your Flip Flops Kill You?”  What?  Say it ain’t so!  Not my favorite summer-time footwear!  Now before you go and throw out the ten thousand pairs of flip flops currently cluttering the bottom of your closet floor, it turns out you won’t drop dead the next time you slip into that pair of hot pink beach sandals.  (A sensational headline – shocker!)

The story comes via the TODAY show, which commissioned the University of Miami’s emergency mobile flip-flop lab (those things exist?) to test footwear on the streets of New York.  What they found, in a word, is gross.  One pair of toe thongs yielded more than 18 thousand bacteria.  Wait…it gets even more disgusting.  The kinds of germs were bacteria from fecal matter, yeast infections and diaper rash, to name a few.  Makes you think twice about wearing flip-flops the next time you ride the subway, no?  But me, being me, I’m not yet ready to throw my shoes away…so what’s a flip-flop aficionado to do?

Here’s the pro advice (common sense, really): avoid touching your flip-flops and your unwashed feet as much as possible and take off your shoes before walking around the house.  Done and done.


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One Response to “Killer Shoes”

  1. Fari Says:

    I try to avoid open toed shoes in the subway (or outside) as much as possible….but you just can’t help it sometimes!!!

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