Training Smart

Ok, quick question, how many of you belong to a gym? 

Now how many of you really know the proper way to use all the machines? 

Yeah, me neither.  I’ve been going to the same gym for the last 5 years and there’s still an entire floor I shy away from because the equipment scares me.  

 On the other hand, I like to think I have proper form on the rowing machine and can properlyfunny-pictures-your-cat-has-been-working-out set up my bike, but let’s be honest,  I could be doing it all wrong and not know it because no one ever tells me otherwise.  Sure, the gym trainers want me to ask them for help (the backs of their t-shirts say so), but isn’t it their job to correct me if I’m using the leg machines to work my arms?  (Maybe that’s why I can’t my arms to look like Madonna’s) 

 Anyway, that’s the question the New York Times posed to trainers across the country and the answers are interesting.  They feel they’re basically damned if they do, damned if they don’t—it all depends on the attitude of the customer. 

Personally, I’d like to be told how to use the stuff correctly, especially if it leads to a more efficient workout which leads to less time at the gym which means more time spent catching up with what’s on my DVR.

No, the Treadmill Isn’t Also a Shoe Buffer


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One Response to “Training Smart”

  1. Fari Says:

    When I was a gym newbie I did feel a bit weird asking for help. I do like being told if I’m doing something incorrently. I mean I don’t want to hurt myself. Now after years of going on and off I’m pretty confident in using MOST of the machinery (if people would just get off the machine!) Do a post on that! Machine hoggers =) lol

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