Thunder, thunder, thunder thighs

Ok ladies…this is the news we’ve been waiting for.

A team of Dutch researchers has found that having thinner thighs can spell an early death. 

Thunder thighs -ho!

thunder-thighsSeems like backward thinking, but these scientists suggest that it all boils down to muscle versus fat. 

 Their research leads them to believe that people with thighs measuring smaller than 21.6 inches (get out that tape measure!) may have too little muscle, which could mean they can’t process insulin properly, increasing the risk for diabetes and heart disease.  Less muscle can also be a sign that you people with chicken legs aren’t getting enough exercise.

But don’t swear off those squats and lunges just yet.  The study also found no increased health benefit from having thighs larger than 23.6 inches.  So aim for a number between 21.6 and 23.6 and reap the benefits of having wonderous, thunderous thighs!


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2 Responses to “Thunder, thunder, thunder thighs”

  1. Roxy Says:

    omg, that is definitely welcome news… my fleshy thighs will still never get into short-shorts, but at least I’ll outlive the skinny b*tches! hahaha bring on the milkshakes!!

  2. Fari Says:

    Finally!!! Success!! Team thunder =)

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