Expresso at the Gym

No, not the coffee kind.  (Although that would be nice). 

No, I’m talking about the cardio system that engages your mind (the company’s description, not mine).  Basically, it’s a virtual reality bike and riding it is like playing a video game at the gym.

The Expresso bike at my gym is an upright one, which means you’re sitting like you would on a regular bike and face a larger than normal TV screen.  The handlebar is like a real bike too.  You move it left or right to steer and you can shift gears up or down by pressing a button on either the right or left side of the grips. 

 The system has four intensity levels: basic, moderate, challenging and extreme.  The workouts or tours vary in length, with the shortest trips happening in the basic mode.  But just because the program says it’s basic, doesn’t mean it’s easy.  You’re going to need a lot of strength to push the pedals at a decent clip. (Believe, me it was harder than the bike portion of the triathlon!)  And you can’t cheat by using a lower gear.  Sure, your legs will move faster, but the on screen bike will move slower. (How dare they make us sweat!) There’s also a gaming mode, which allows you to race yourself or other bikers.

As for what you’re seeing as your riding, it’s basic pretty scenery stuff like rolling countryside and desert.  There’s also an internal music program that lets you choose a channel with a specific music preference. The music is the real stuff, performed by the real artists.  It’s a little limited though, so you might want to just stick with your iPod.  As for those of you who really enjoy watching crappy TV at the gym, you can banish the tranquil scenery and tune in to your favorite VH1 show.   (Tool Academy, anyone?)

To see for yourself, check out:


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One Response to “Expresso at the Gym”

  1. Fari Says:

    Cool! The bike is my most dreaded piece of machinery in the gym. I’ll going to put this in the suggestion box =) (See if they invest in it) LOL.

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