A Cup of Good Cheer

If your weekend plans include a night of drink here’s some health news worth celebrating. 

A new study finds people who drink alcohol regularly are more likely to hit the gym than their non-drinking buddies.  And those knocking back more than a drink or two a day may be the most active! 

According to a report in the Americawine glassn Journal of Health Promotion, heavy drinkers (46 drinks per month for women and 76 or more for men) exercised about 20 minutes more per week than non-drinkers.  Those who drank a little less per month (15-45 drinks for women, 30-75 for men) logged an extra ten minutes of exercise per week over abstainers. 

So why do researchers those who hit the bottle work out more than their sober counterparts?  One theory is that the drinkers are looking to burn off the extra alcoholic calories.  (A serving of regular beer has about 86 calories; a glass of wine 80.) 

Needless to say this study isn’t a green light to drink in excess regularly.  Experts generally recommend that women have no more than one drink per day and men no more than two.

Bottoms Up!

SOURCE: Regular Drinkers Get More Exercise: Study


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2 Responses to “A Cup of Good Cheer”

  1. Fari Says:

    Wow. It makes sense though. Wonder how many of those ppl look great but have a drinking problem? LOL Decisions….decisions! Pass the wine =)

  2. Fari Says:

    Hi Lisa!

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