Stretching the Truth

If you use or have thought of using cocoa butter to reduce stretch marks, I’ve got some news you probably don’t want to hear.  A recent study finds cocoa butter does nothing (nothing!) to reduce those ugly, dark patches of skin.  Now before you head to the freezer and grab that pint of chocolate chip cookie dough because there’s no reason to diet because you will never look good in a bikini, there is some good news.  A different study finds Vitamin E creams ARE effective.  So put the spoon down and reach for the Vitamin E cream instead.  And Ladies, despite what you might think, stretch marks aren’t the end of the world!

 SOURCE: The Claim: Cocoa Butter Can Remove Stretch Marks


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One Response to “Stretching the Truth”

  1. Fari Says:

    The battle never ends! In the past I have found cocoa butter to be useful over time. I just think it makes your skin more supple & in turn reduce the appearance of the stretch marks.

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