No ifs, ands or butts

It’s been more than six years since New York City implemented its ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and other public places.  I, for one, can’t imagine the city without it.  Being a non-smoker, the ban means I can enjoy a night out on the town without having to worry about my hair and clothes reeking like cigarette smoke.  Not to mention the sore throat and stuffy nose that usually followed the next morning.  Now it turns out the anti-smoking laws prevent heart attacks too.


According to two new studies appearing in Circulation and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the number of heart attacks in countries that have banned smoking has dropped by about a third.  In a country of over 304 million people (like the U-S), that equals more than 101 million people NOT having heart attacks.  Most of those people are non-smokers who otherwise would have been exposed to second-hand smoke. 

 No butts about it; that’s a pretty sobering fact.

 SOURCE: Smoking bans ‘cut heart attacks’


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    I love it!

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