Kiddie Triathlons

triathlonsIf you thought adults (like me) who compete in triathlons are over achievers, then get a load of these parents who enter their young children in so-called kiddie triathlons. We’re talking kids as young as three competing in organized races around the country. Call me crazy, but I think if you’re still using swimmies and riding tricycles, you’re too young to be competing in a triathlon. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with making sure your kids are physically active, but I think we’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Let the kids run and bike and swim all they want in the backyard, but steer clear of the professionally run races, ok?


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One Response to “Kiddie Triathlons”

  1. Fari Says:

    Wow….. is this the new trend? Parents need to stop trying to live through their kids. I’m all for kids being active (heck they are pretty much getting rid of PE in schools) but organized triathlons – give me a break!

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