Smile! (Or don’t)

MouthYou all know how much I love swimming, but something I read recently has me thinking twice about suiting up and diving off the deep end. 

Apparently logging a lot of time in chemically treated pools, aka most pools out there, can cause your front teeth to stain.  And I’m not talking about a slight yellow tinge…I’m talking a cringe-worthy-kiss-me-and-you-die dark brown.  Um, yuck. 

 The condition is called swimmer’s calculus (yet another reason to not like math) and it’s caused when the pool chemicals mix with saliva.  But there is something to smile about (ha): it usually affects those who swim more than six hours a week. 

So unless you’re trying out for the 2012 Olympics, your pearly whites will stay that way.  (Unless, of course, you’re a coffee drinking, chain smoking, lean, mean lap swimming machine!)


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One Response to “Smile! (Or don’t)”

  1. Fari Says:

    Are Michael Phelps teeth stained? LOL I’m going to take a closer look next time =)

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