Monday Music Mayhem

The first time I posted my workout music picks, I got a huge response. So with a little proding (you know who you are), I’ve decided to post new music suggestions every Monday. Here’s what I’m listening to now at the gym:

“Make Her Say” — Kid Cudi, featuring Kanye West and Common

 “Run this Town” — Jay Z, featuring Rihanna and Kanye West

“Alive” (Thunderpuss Radio Mix) — JLo

 “Infinity” — Guru Josh Project (not a big fan of house music, but this one makes me want to move)

And this oldie but goodie:

Next week, we slow down the pace for my favorite uphill workout songs.


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5 Responses to “Monday Music Mayhem”

  1. Fari Says:

    I love “Run this Town”. I’ll be checking out the rest on iTunes tonight. Thx funkmaster lisa!

  2. Rob Says:

    Wow…way to give in. 😉

  3. Roxy Says:

    booo! the CC dance video doesn’t work…but i do love rihanna

  4. Fari Says:

    Which version of “Infinity” do you have? I found like 10 remixes of the same song LOL

    • smiley8106 Says:

      I listen to the version that’s always playing on the radio. Figures a house song would have too many remixes!

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