Feeding a Cold

Cold season is upon us.  But feeling under the weather isn’t (ok, not always) an excuse to avoid the gym.  It turns out sticking to your exercise program while sick can actually shorten a cold.sneezing

According to multiple studies, those who exercise at least 45 minutes most days of the week can reduce their sick time by 25 to 50 percent!

This isn’t to say you should be working out if you have the swine flu.

Here are a few guidelines from experts at the American College of Sports Medicine:

– It’s OK to exercise if you have a runny nose or sore throat.  (Although from personal experience, I can tell you running with a sore throat can lead to a VERY sore throat post workout.  Also from personal experience, don’t swim if you’re congested — it’s already hard enough to breathe underwater without clogged sinuses.)

– Obviously, take it easy.  Stick to a moderate workout like walking or the bike. (i.e. no swimming or running!)

– If you’re feeling achy or extremely tired, stay home!  Odds are you need the rest more than the workout.

SOURCE: Protect Against Colds with Exercise


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One Response to “Feeding a Cold”

  1. Fari Says:

    I worked out once when I was really sick & it does help. Now for those who are beyond sick and just want to bring all their cooties to the gym – stay home! I’m glad my gym has sanitary wipes everywhere so we can wipe down the machines. The gym (as an office) is a wonderful place for germs to live. Eww!

    The gym also works wonders for cramps =)

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