White Heat

It’s November and by now you’ve probably packed away all your summer clothes and rocking those chunky knit sweaters and boots.  But there’s one summer accessory that should be part of your winter wardrobe…sunglasses! 

Sure, the sun isn’t as warm as it is during those fleeting summer months, but it’s just as bright, if not brighter, especially on those days when there’s some snow on the ground.  All my skiers know what I’m talking about!  For those of you who don’t…it’s Science 101,  guys. 

White reflects which means more of those harmful UV rays bounce back into your eyes.  That reflecting quality is also the same reason why you’re told to wear white during the summer to keep cool. 

So keep the shades handy!  And may those thoughts of summer surf and sand while wearing them will keep you warm this winter!


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One Response to “White Heat”

  1. Fari Says:

    I always felt weird wearing shades in the winter but I’ll try =)

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