We’re all doomed!

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit heavy handed, but check this out…

Scientists got their hands on a 3500 year old mummy and put her (the mummy’s name is Lady Rai) through an MRI.  (Weird, but whatever, they’re scientists, that’s what they do.)  Anyways, what they found is that this mummy, who was apparently a nursemaid to an Egyptian queen, died of heart disease.  I know what you’re thinking, big whoop, right?  Wrong.  Think about it.  This gal died of clogged arteries before fast food, cigarettes and the couch potato habit.  This has led those some scientists to conclude heart disease maybe largely genetic. 

But before you dump your exercise and dieting regime, hear me out.  Maybe we’re better off than our Egyptian counterparts.  How, you ask?  Well, we know what leads to an increased risk of heart disease and can prevent it.  That wasn’t the case thousands of years ago.  I can’t say for sure if exercising, watching our fat intake, even taking cholesterol lowering drugs means we’re healthier than our ancient ancestors.  That’s something only the sands of time will tell.

SOURCE:  Mummy’s CT scan shows heart disease came before fast food


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One Response to “We’re all doomed!”

  1. Fari Says:

    Guess building those pyramids didn’t help em out huh?

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