The secret to staying young

Forget all those lotions and creams or weird diets that only let you eat apples when the moon is full on a Tuesday.  Apparently the secret to remaing youthful is exercise.  (This shouldn’t come as a shock to you regular buff broad readers.) 

New research finds keeping to a regular exercise schedule keeps the DNA cells that protect your heart from breaking down.  (The science here is a little above high school bio, so I’ll try and keep it simple.)  These cells, called telomeres, eventually break down in everyone.  How fast it happens is often referred to as a person’s biological clock, i.e. how much time you have before your ticker stops ticking. 

The  biggest benefits of exercise, were of course seen in professional athletes, but even those with a history of continuous endurance exercise on an average level, saw results.

SOURCE: Long-term Physical Activity Has an Anti-Aging Effect on the Cellular Level


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One Response to “The secret to staying young”

  1. Fari Says:

    Exercise, I know I know! LOL It’s the key to everything I guess.

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