Holiday Eating Part 2

Ok, so last week I posted some useful tips for eating during the holidays.  I’ve been searching the web for more helpful information, but instead what I have for you today is some of the wackier eating tips . 

Wear snug clothes and keep one hand busy. (um, ok)  When you wear snug-fitting attire, chances are you’ll be too busy holding in your stomach to overeat. While you stand around looking posh in your holiday finery, hold a drink in your dominant hand so it won’t be so easy to grab food.  (And what should you do with the other hand?)

Become a vegan. This is really the best solution to the problem of holiday overeating. You know that word, wassail? I read it comes from a Saxon phrase, wes hal, which means good health, or be whole. (no comment)

When you’re invited to a party, offer to bring a healthy food dish.  (what a way to spoil the holiday mood!)

Ok, so I’m not saying you should overindulge just because it’s the holidays.  No one wants to be a fat Santa.  What I am saying is that your goal between now and January 2nd shouldn’t be losing weight.  Instead, focus on not gaining weight.  (there is a difference)  Switching your thinking may mean a happy, healthier and less food-guilt ridden holiday.


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One Response to “Holiday Eating Part 2”

  1. Fari Says:

    I’ll remember this for New Years! LOL

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