It Takes Two

People who work out with a partner are able to tolerate twice as much pain as those who go it on their own.

According to researchers at Oxford University who studied the school’s rowing team, an individual’s pain threshold seems to increase when they work with a group.  And they say the good-feeling endorphins that get released through social bonding might be the reason why.

So no pain, no gain, especially when you’re not the only one being tortured.

SOURCE:  Pulling Together Increases Your Pain Threshold


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2 Responses to “It Takes Two”

  1. actionbabe Says:

    Must be the old ego kicking in huh? Like how they discovered that a man’s bench press can improve up to 15% if a hot gym bunny happens to be walking by. Just remember, if you have to choose which gets hurt: your pride or your body, your pride might take less time to heal.

  2. Fari Says:

    This is def true. I know I USE to run a little faster on the treadmill when I worked out w/ a coworker. She pushed me to turn it up a notch w/o even knowing it.

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