Slow down there, partner!

I’m all for new technology that helps us fight the battle of the bulge, but I’m not quite sure about this latest gizmo.

It’s called the Mandometer and it’s a talking computerized weighing device that tracks how fast you’re eating your food off of the plate.  If it senses your scarfing your meal down, it’ll tell you to slow down.  A kind of stressful way to eat, I think.  I know I don’t want to worry about being yelled at when I eat. 

What’s even worse is that this gadget is intended for kids.  Yup, the Mandometer is the latest way to help prevent childhood obesity.

According to the British Medical Journal, kids who used the device at mealtime weighed less and ate smaller portions after 12 months.

So maybe it works, but correct me if I’m wrong…aren’t parents supposed to be watching what and how much their kids eat?  I mean, the Mandometer can’t tell if that plate is full of fries or carrot sticks.  The first line of defense in fighting childhood obesity is parents.  They need to be making the healthy eating choices and teaching their kids how to eat smart.


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One Response to “Slow down there, partner!”

  1. Fari Says:

    What a waste of money. This is replacing being a parent I guess. Pathetic.

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