The Joy of Running

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a book called “Born to Run” and its emphasis on running barefoot.  That post was based on several reviews and interviews I read, but since reading the book myself I’ve come to realize all those articles missed the point. 

Sure author Christopher MacDougall laments the modern running shoe and advocates a simpler approach to running, but the book isn’t propaganda for barefoot running.  In fact, MacDougall pokes fun at one of his characters who does run shoeless.  The main point of the book, I feel, is the joy running can bring.

If you’ve ever struggled through a mile, you probably think I’m nuts, but hear me out.  You ever have one of those workouts when you get into such a groove that the miles and/or minutes fly by?  When everything that was nagging you both mentally and physically just melts away?  When you’re smiling during the workout?  It’s that feeling and its origin that MacDougall tries to capture in his book. 

I’m not much a runner myself, but I came away with a newfound appreciation for it and a determination to try and enjoy the excercise myself.  If you are a runner or just enjoy reading captivating stories, pick up “Born to Run.”


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