Running Redux

There’s yet another story today that highlights the idea of running shoeless.  I expounded on the topic earlier in the week and it’s only fitting that we end the week in the same fashion.

A study being published in the journal Nature says wearing cushioned running shoes (aka most mass market sneakers) may have changed the way we run and also poses a greater risk of certain injuries.

The facts aren’t anything we haven’t already heard in the barefoot vs. sneakers argument.  What is worth noting is that this is the first time I’ve heard of anything negative associated with running shoeless.  

Havard University’s Dr. Daniel Lieberman, one of the study’s authors, says,

“Barefoot runners have to use their calf muscles and Achilles tendon much more to control ankle flexion. So people who switch to this style of running are much more likely to develop calf problems if they don’t do so slowly, carefully and with a lot of stretching.”

And the article goes on to say there still needs to be much more research done on which way is the best way to cover the foot while running.

I couldn’t agree more.

SOURCE: Shoes may have changed how we run


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