The Health Miracle in Your Pantry

This past weekend, I was browsing the web looking for home remedies to treat a cat with an irritated stomach.  One suggestion I happened across suggested diluted apple cider vinegar.  But the more I read, the more I was astonished to find this pantry item can supposedly be used to cure a wide variety of ills. 

The website I found suggested mixing 3 parts vinegar to four parts water to use as an astringent to fight acne.  Another, claimed that mixing one tablespoon of vinegar with a full glass of water and then drinking twice daily before meals would promote weightloss.  (I’m not convinced it’s the vinegar, but the water taking up space in your stomach.)  And yet another remedy said applying a water/vinegar solution to a bump would stave off a bruise.  (So that’s why my grandmother always poured vinegar my head when I bumped it!)

Now, I don’t claim any of these rememdies actually work, but they might be worth a try if you’ve exhausted all other (and likely more expensive options.)  Check them out for yourself here.

The cat, by the way, is feeling much better.


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