Feminine Pain

No, not that kind of pain.  I’m talking about a new study that finds female athletes are up to six times more likely to get hurt compared to male athletes.

According to an exercise physiologist at the University of Alberta, women experience a higher injury rate because many training programs developed for women are actually based on research using young adult males.  That means these programs don’t take into account the weaknesses and strengths of the female body.

The most common types of injury among women are those affecting the knees and shoulders. 

One of the more interesting finds is that those injuries listed above aren’t the only problems plaguing female athletes.  The study’s author also lays out something she calls the “Female Athlete Triad”.  It’s described as “three separate but interrelated conditions of disordered eating, amenorrhea and osteoporosis”. 

How many stories have we heard about female athletes (particulary gymnasts or figure skaters) who suffer from eating disorders and claim it’s because their sport demands it?  It’s a sacrifice to their health and you can’t be a top-notch athlete for long if you’re not taking care of your body.  And that’s exactly the point this study’s author goes on to make.  She says, “For female athletes to thrive injury-free, attention must be paid to their proper nutrition to ensure both the athletic performance and healthy reproductive performance associated with bone health and overall wellbeing…”

SOURCE: Female Athletes Injured More Than Male Athletes


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