Soda and Cancer — Should you worry?

There’s a lot of noise being made about a new study out of Singapore that found drinking regular soda increases your risk of cancer.  Before you totally swear off the fizzy stuff, there are a few more things you need to know.

First, we’re talking about pancreatic cancer.  While it has a high mortality rate, the average person’s risk of developing this type of cancer is actually very low.  So if drinking two or more sodas a day increases a low risk, we’re still not talking about many people. 

Second, this study also took into account other dietary choices and lifestyle.  If you’re drinking 2 or more glasses of soda a day, you’re probably not making the healthiest eating/living choices and we all know the benefits of a healthy diet (i.e. low fat, fewer processed foods).  More on nutrition and pancreatic cancer can be found here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing pancreatic cancer or its possible causes.  In fact, this may be another piece in the puzzle that is finding a cure.  I just think we need to condition ourselves to read beyond the scary headlines and not just take whatever comes out of the scientific community as sacred.

By the way…not word on whether diet soda has the same effect.


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