What a rotten question

I was perusing the New York Times health section in search of topics and came across this question in their “Q&A” column.  It goes something like this: “Do you have to eat fruit on an empty stomach so that it doesn’t mix with other foods and rot?”  Um, what?  Up until this point I have never thought fruit was capable of rotting once ingested.  (Turns out it can’t…read the answer here.) 

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but this question just seems…weird.  I’ve done a lot of reading on health and nutrition and have never once come across this worry.  Is it a cultural thing or an old wife’s tale predominent in some other part of the country?  I know there are diets out there that tell you to eat food in a certain order or not to mix certain foods in order to lose weight…could this be an off-shoot of that line of thinking?  I’m just really perplexed.  Anyone else ever hear of such a thing?


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One Response to “What a rotten question”

  1. wt15 Says:

    You be very perplexed, enjoy the snow. Its 80 degrees over here!!!

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