Should I stay or should I go?

I love going on vacation.  Having all those months of planning come to fruition in one week of relaxed bliss is wonderful.  Heading back into work after a week in paradise, not so much.  But before I know it, I’m happy once again as I countdown the days to my next trip.  I often wonder if everyone go through this rollercoaster of vacation emotion?  And it turns out, they do.

A team of Dutch researchers set out to measure how happy vacations make us and you know what they found?…the biggest boost of happiness comes from planning the trip and the high lasts about 8 weeks!

You would think our good mood would continue after getting back home, but it doesn’t.  Apparently happiness levels for most people drop back to normal once the vacation is over.  Only those who reported being “very relaxed” while away were still happy back home, but the euphoria only lasted two weeks.  One reason cited for the mood swing is the stress of going back to work. (Um, hello?!)

But I’ve saved the best part for last.  Want to know how to remain happy through the year?  Researchers recommend taking small breaks throughout the year instead of blowing all your vacation time on one epic trip.  I can live with that, question is can I afford it?

SOURCE:  How Vacations Affect Your Happiness


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