So now I can drink?

The relationship between drinking alcohol and its effect on weight loss got more confusing this week.  A new study appearing in the Archives of Internal Medicine finds women who are light or moderate drinkers gain less weight over the years than non drinkers.  More specifically, those who drank over the course of the 13 year study gained an average of three pounds, while those who didn’t saw their weight go up an average of 9 pounds. 

For years, women and men have been told to stay away from beer, wine, hard liquors if they want to lose weight because alcohol is so high in calories.  A glass of wine contains about 150…have a couple with dinner and that can really add up over the years.  But this study doesn’t mean drinking doesn’t cause weight gain…all of the women in the study gained weight, it was just a difference of how much.  So what does this mean?

What the researchers basically concluded is that while alcohol is high in calories it’s not the reason the women gained weight, i.e. the extra calories are probably coming from somewhere else.  My advice?  Go ahead and have that glass of wine, but remember to balance it with your other food choices that day. 

By the way…an earlier study shows men who drink gain more weight than non drinkers (no exceptions).  Sorry guys!


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