Save the Children’s Mothers

In light of International Women’s Day, groups around the world are drawing attention to a problem you wouldn’t think would be so prevalent in the modern world: the death rate of mothers during pregnancy. 

While it’s essentially been wiped out in countries like the U-S and England, the numbers are staggering in developing countries in Africa and Asia.  For example, the number of pregnancy-related deaths in Ghana is 560 per 100, 000.  It’s 1500 in Chad.  In the U-S, the number is 550 out of 4 million births a year ( a number 4X higher than the goal the government set for this year).

The subject will be the focus of a conference to be held in Washington DC in June. 

SOURCE: International Women’s Day call for labour deaths action


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One Response to “Save the Children’s Mothers”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    You’ve raised an important issue here – maybe more pronounced since Mother’s day was yesterday.

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