A different kind of goal weight

I’m all for setting goals.  But this just blows my mind.  Apparently a woman in New Jersey is on a mission to become the world’s fattest woman…and she’s already half way there currently tipping the scales at 600 pounds.  But it’s some other numbers that have me scratching my head.

1,000 – her goal weight, in pounds

12, 000 – the number of calories she’s eating daily to reach her goal

750 – the amount of money, in dollars, that she spends a week on food

And here’s what really made me lose my appetite.  This woman earns that money by running a website where men pay to watch her eat.  Just gross.

With all the studies out there showing that extremely obesity can lead to a host of health problems I don’t think this is wise.  I’m not saying she has to be thin, but being healthy should be her goal.  (Note: she maintains she is even though she can’t walk unassisted)  Also…she has a daughter.  It’s well known that kids learn eating habits from their parents.  Does she really want her following in her oversized footprints?  I feel like maybe I’m being too judgemental, but then again, there is something wrong with this, isn’t there?

SOURCE: NJ Woman Eating to Become World’s Fattest


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