Vinegar Redux

So back in February I wrote about the supposed wonders of vinegar, especially the apple cider variety.  A couple of the home remedies I mentioned included drinking a tablespoon of it before meals and mixing it with water to make a toner to clear up acne.  I tried both.  Here’s what I found.

The pounds didn’t drop after a few weeks of drinking a tablespoon of vinegar mixed with water or vegetable juice.  Like I said earlier, I think the method is just another way to make you feel fuller before sitting down to a meal.  If this trick works for you, then great!  If not, you’re stuck sucking down vinegar everyday with no results.

I experienced much better results with the vinegar facial toner.  I use a mixture of one part vinegar to two parts green tea once a day (usually before bed).  My skin has cleared up dramatically.  Combined with a non-soap cleanser and an over-the-counter acne med to tame flare-ups, I’ve finally gotten the acne under control.  (It’s about time, I’m waay past being a teenager!)

I’ve also got a recipe for a great exfoliating mask that I use once a week that combines the powers of green tea, apple cider vinegar and honey…another miracle product hiding in your pantry.  But more about that later.


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