Bruised Ego

Ever have an embarassing moment at the gym?   Happened to me yesterday.  I was just getting started on the treadmill when my towel fell onto the conveyor belt.  I saw it falling and decided to pause the machine so I could pick it up.  Well, instead of flying off the machine the way it was supposed to, the towel decided to get stuck.  And it made the worst noise I’ve ever heard.  Like a baby wailing, wounded animal moaning, nails on a chalkboard all combined.  Not to mention the belt was starting and stopping short as I was still on it, throwing me around like a bucking bronco.  That noise I mentioned earlier sent every gym employee to my location and operation Pull the Towel Free commenced.  It didn’t go willingly and all the while we’re yanking at it with all our might, all eyes are now glued on our little tableau instead of the tvs with the bad music videos.   Live Entertainment!  Eventually we were able to rip the towel free and I was able to jog along my merry way.  In hindsight, I guess the situation could have been a lot worse.  I could have fallen off the machine or totally destroyed it.  I wonder if they would have docked me for it…  Got any embarassing storied you want to share?


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