Snack Wars!

Today marks the debut of a new weekly food feature…Snack Wars!  Every Wednesday we’ll pit two favorite snacks against each other.  Which is tastier?  Which is more nutritious?  Which is the least likely to end up on your hips?  Today’s inaugural bout: Cake vs. Pie

So many choices, so many flavors!  But for today’s fight we’re pitting the All American Apple Pie against the dark horse Chocolate Cake.






Round One: Calories

Surprisingly, the chocolate cake, um, takes the cake, when it comes to calories.  At 235 calories a slice, it’s the better choice if you’re calorie counting.  Despite the fruit, a slice of apple pie weighs in at a hefty 277 calories.

Round Two: Fat Grams

Again, it’s the chocolate cake that’s the healthier option.  A 2.25 ounce slice (or 1/8 of an 18oz cake) packs 10 grams of fat.  The apple pie…has 12 grams of fat.

Round Three: Fiber grams

This round is a draw.  Both the pie and cake contain about 2 grams of fiber per serving.

THE WINNER:  Chocolate Cake — Fewer calories and fat make this birthday favorite the obvious choice.  YUM!


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