Snack Wars

This week’s Snack Wars pits a rookie fast food concoction against an old drive-through favorite.  It’s the KFC Double Down Sandwich vs.  the MacDonald Quarter Pounder with cheese.

These competitors are no light weights.  The Double Down features cheese and bacon sandwiched between two fried chicken breasts.  The Quarter Pounder sports a hefty beef patty, cheese all on a sesame seed bun.  Obviously, there’s no healthy choice.  So this week the question is which one is worse for you?





Round One: Calories

Despire the fact that it sports fried chicken in place of bread, KFC’s new masterpiece is less (!) calorie dense than the Quarter Pounder.  We’re talking a difference of 200 calories between the two.  Doesn’t sound like a lot?  That’s 30 extra minutes of jogging on the treadmill for every Quarter Pounder.

Round Two:  Fat Grams

Once again, the option from Mickey D’s comes up short.  A Quarter Pounder with Cheese packs 42 grams of fat or about 64% of your daily recommended intake.  The Double Down (only) contains 32 grams.

Round Three:  Sodium

This round is a draw with both options packing a whopping 1380 grams of sodium per serving.  The average adult should take in no more than 3200 per day.

The Winner: 

Or should I say loser is the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.  More calories, more fat and a ridiculous amount of salt make this sandwich a poor choice.  That’s not to say the Double Down is the better option.  Maybe stick with a salad instead?


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