Snack Wars: Battle Ice Cream

The weather is getting warmer and you know what that means…it’s time for ice cream!  In this week’s frozen confection face-off we pit the old-time favorite against it’s higher class cousin, gelato.  Get out those spoons–it’s time to battle!

Round One: Calories

For consistency’s sake we’re comparing chocolate ice cream and chocolate gelato.  (The superior flavor, if you ask me).  The average half-cup serving of gelato has about 220 calories.  Full fat ice cream (like the Haagen Daz kind) will set you back 270 calories.  So gelato is the “better” choice if you’re crunching those calorie numbers.

Round Two: Fat

We often hear that gelato is better for us cause it has less fat.  And guess what, it does.  A half cup of chocolate gelator contains 8 grams of fat.  Compare that to the whopping 18 grams in the regular ice cream.  The reason?  Gelato contains less cream than ice cream and more milk.

Round Three: Taste

Gelato wins this round, hands down.  The flavors are more intense than ice cream and its consistency is denser.  (That’s because it’s mixed at a slower speed resulting in less air in the final product.) 


Gelato.  Although I have to tell yah, if there’s no gelato around, you better not stand between me and the chocolate peanut butter ice cream!


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