Do cell phones cause cancer?

This past weekend the long-awaited results of a study on the link between cancer and cell phones were released.  The news wasn’t what most people expected, namely, the international study proved inconclusive.

The 10 year survey of almost 13,000 participants who made 30 or more calls a day found cell phone use didn’t increase the risk of developing two types of brain cancer… meningioma and glioma.  But researchers aren’t totally ruling out a link between cell phones and cancer, saying more investigation is needed.  So what does that mean? 

Basically, scientists have no idea if the radiation emitted from your cell phone is harmful.  If you’re convinced it is, continue to limit your use of your phone.  If this study is proof enough for you that it isn’t, call away.  I should note, though, that the study was largely funded by the cell phone industry.


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