Snack Wars: Bar snacks

Chicken wings or chicken fingers?  Both taste fantastic on a Saturday night after one too many beers, but neither would ever be considered a health food.  (And no, the celery and carrots served with the wings don’t count.)  But let’s say youre hypothetically trying to watch your weight which bar snack is less fowl foul? 






Round One: Calories

Despite the breading and the fact that they’re usually deep fried, the chicken fingers are the better choice here.  Your average serving packs about 330 calories.  Compare that to an order of 10 wings with Bleu Cheese dressing which has a staggering 1220 calories.  Ax the bleu cheese and you’re still talking about 1000 calories or half the daily recommended number of calories for a snack!

Round Two: Fat grams

Considering the calorie info above, this round should be a no brainer…and it is.  Those fried chicken fingers are still the better choice with 19 grams of fat.  If you’re a wings fan, you’re not going to want to read this next line.  That order of 10 wings contains more than 100 grams of fat.

Round Three: Net Carbs

If you’re more concerned about carbs than fat grams or calories, then the wings are king.  An order of 10 wings contains a scant 3 net carbs.  Those breaded chicken fingers will set you back 9 net carbs.

The Winner

The chicken fingers are the way to go if you’re trying to save some calories and cut back on your fat intake.  Although, let’s be serious, if you’re knocking back bottles of Bud (145 calories each, 0 fat and 10 net carbs) then your calories, fat and net carb intakes probably aren’t at the top of your list.



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