Easing muscle pain ginger-ly

Ginger has been used as a medicinal remedy for ages.  It’s curative properties are said to fix everything from colds to upset stomachs.  (If you’ve ever drunk ginger ale to combat naseau, you know what I’m talking about.)  Turns out this herb is also really good at combating  muscle pain caused by exercise if taken daily.

After an almost two week study in which participants were fed two grams of either raw or cooked ginger a day in capsule form, many experienced reduced muscle pain of up to 25 percent after performing heavy exercise.

In previous studies, ginger has shown to exert anti-inflammatory properties on rodents.  And while you would get the benefits of eating ginger raw, it’s believed cooking it draws out its healing powers.

SOURCE: Daily ginger consumption eases muscle pain by 25 percent, study suggests


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