Snack Wars: Butter Battle

No, not that kind of butter.  We’re pitting the school lunch favorite peanut butter versus the hippie health food alternative almond butter.  Is one truly nutritionally more sound than the other?  Let’s let them fight it out.








Round One: Calories

A tablespoon of a natural, creamy peanut butter packs 95 calories per tablespoon.  A tablespoon of natural almond butter contains 95 calories.  This round clearly is a draw.

Round Two: Fat Grams

We hear a lot about fat when we’re talking about nut butters.  But these are the good unsaturated kinds of fat which some studies have shown can lead to lower cholesterol.  When we stack these two nut butters against each other, turns out they both contain the same amount of fat per tablespoon (8 grams).  Another draw.

Round Three: Calcium

Nuts are a great source of calcium, but there is a clear winner this round.  It’s the almond butter.  A 2 tablespoon serving of almond butter packs a whopping 80 milligrams of calcium, compared to the 20 in the same serving of peanut butter.  Peanut butter reigns supreme when it comes to fiber and protein values.

The Winner:

You really can’t go wrong with either of these two choices.  For some, it’ll come down to taste.  I find almond butter is a little sweeter than peanut butter.  I also prefer the latter when I need to feel like a kid again.  Just remember to pair whichever nut butter you prefer with whole grains or fresh fruit.


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