Sweat Fest

When I workout, I sweat…a lot (especially during the summer).  So I was pleased when I stumbled across an article that proclaimed fit people sweat more than the regular population.  At first I thought, “Finally, an answer!”  But then I realized this couldn’t possibly be true.  I mean, people carrying around more than a few extra pounds must sweat more than I do, right?  Turns out the answer to both questions is yes.

Sweat. Prespire. Glisten.

Let me explain.

Overweight and obese people do sweat more than most because the extra fat on their bodies acts as an insulator.  That means their bodies have to work harder to cool down, i.e. they sweat more and more often.

Fit people also sweat a lot and they’re likely to break a sweat first.  That’s because they’ve trained their bodies to operate more efficiently at higher temperatures.  Once they start heating up, they automatically start to regulate their body temps so that they can keep running and biking without missing a beat.  And it makes sense that the longer you workout, the more you’re going to sweat.

There are, of course, other factors that play into how much a person sweats besides activity level and weight.  There’s age, sex, genes, outdoor temperatures and humidity levels.

In all cases, while it may not be pretty, sweat is essential.  It’s how our body cools down.  Consider this: our brains malfunction if our internal temperatures go up a mere six degrees (to 110 degrees).

And here’s something else you should know.  If your clothes smell like ammonia after a sweat fest, it could mean you’re ingesting too much protein and not enough carbs.  That smell is the amino acids in the protein breaking down.  Solving the problem is as easy as working in some simple carbs (whole grains or fruit) into your diet.


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