Morning Brew-haha

When my alarm goes off in the morning my ritual is as follows: stumble out of bed and into the kitchen where I immediately put on a pot of coffee.  I’ll usually down two cups of joe before heading out the door and then maybe pour myself yet another cup once I reach the office.  I do it because it wakes me up.  But all that latte lugging may be pointless.

Experts say people who drink a lot of caffeine (like me) develop a tolerance to the pick-me-up effects.  In other words, after a while, there’s no amount of coffee that’ll keep you awake after an all nighter if you regularly drink up to 6 cups a day.  Not surprising, non-coffee drinkers are more likely to get that morning jolt from a cup of joe.

Plus, they say us heavy coffee drinkers are actually drinking that much because we’re trying to ward off the effects of withdrawal.  (Caffeine is the world’s most popular drug.)

So how much coffee is too much?  Researchers say four to five cups per day is safe.

Bottoms up!


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One Response to “Morning Brew-haha”

  1. Roxy Says:

    i’ve switched from drip coffee to americanos… i wonder if there’s any health difference… hmm, let me ponder while i sip some more.

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