Snack Wars: Calorie Counts

For the first time in a long time yesterday I had dinner at a chain restaurant.  I sat down already determined to get something “light” only to look at the menu and be smacked with the calorie counts for each and every menu item.  Up until then I had forgotten about those damn numbers!  I find them distracting and pay more attention to them than the price. (Probably the point.)  What I find completely disheartening, though, is the fact that even the “healthier” things on the menu aren’t really that light afterall.  So if you’re eating in a restaurant, you really don’t stand a chance when it comes to sticking to your diet.  But I wonder, does the average person really know how many calories make up a healthy meal?  Is 720 calories for a loaded salad too much or is that just right?  I totally understand why placing calorie counts on menus has been pushed (and why it’s being pushed nationally), but unless the eater is educated, I really don’t think it’ll be as effective in getting people to eat less as lawmakers hope it to be.  So…are you a friend or foe of calories on the menu?


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One Response to “Snack Wars: Calorie Counts”

  1. Roxy Says:

    knowledge is power baby! seriously, though…i think it’s good to know and you can still choose to splurge that day on the bloomin’ onion and not feel really bad if you negotiate the other meals in your day and the next,…and the next.

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