Snack Wars: Hot Dogs

With the official arrival of summer next week, backyard barbecue season is in full swing.  One of the most popular eats is the hot dog.  Say what you will about weiners, but there’s something about biting into a hot off the grill frank (that snap!), covered in mustard (yum!) 

Mustard Please!

But if you’re watching your weight, hot dogs aren’t going to help you get to your goal.  They’re tradionally loaded in saturated fat, sodium and preservatives.  But there are healthy dogs out there and not all of them taste (that) bad.  In fact, Good Housekeeping taste tested 11 brands on the market and came up with a weiner winner.  So this week’s undisputed Snack Wars champion is…

 Ball Park Lite Beef Franks — Testers said this dog had the best taste and texture of all the healthy dogs on the market.  Another plus, they’ve got 50% less fat and 1/3 less calories than most hot dogs.

If you care more about calories and fat and not so much about taste, then you might want to pick up a pack of Hebrew National 97% fat free Beef Franks.  Each frank has a mere 45 calories.  That means you’ll be to top it with the extra sauerkraut you’ll need to cover up the less than stellar taste.

And this post begs the question…Why do hot dogs come in a pack of ten but the buns come in a pack of eight?


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