Lifting weights and breaking bones

Alright people…the point of lifting weights is to lift them.  Alas, a new study finds nearly a million people have injured themselves when trying to lift weights.

Lift with your knees guys! Don't drop it on your feet ladies!

The majority of injuries in women were fractures.  Fractures, ladies!  And how do we get fractures when lifting weights?  By dropping them on ourselves.  Namely, our feet and legs.  Men, on the other hand, suffered more sprains and strains.  But men break things too…remember that weightlifter at the last summer Olympics.  (Do a Google image search of “weight lifting accident” if you don’t, but prepared to be sickened.)

Most of the injuries (in men and women) happened while using free weights, not machines.

And while we’re pretty good at hurting ourselves somewhat severely, in the 18 years the study covered there were only 114 fatalities.

So people…take your time when lifting weights.  Also know what you’re doing!  If you don’t, ask one of the trainers at the gym.  That’s what they’re there for!

SOURCE: Weight-Lifting Gains Bring Pains, Too


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