Just like Queen, I want to ride my bike

I’ve been spending a lot of time on a bike lately.  Mostly it’s because I’m in the final stretch of training for the bike leg of an Olympic length triathlon.  (After two  years of doing the NYC Triathlon solo, I decided to form a three person relay team this year.)  The other reason is because I enjoy biking so much more than running.  And now I have even more incentive to keep pushing those pedals.

One bike, two bike, red bike, blue bike.

According to findings, based on the second Harvard Nurses’ Health study, bicycling may help women control their weight during their 30s and 40s.  (The study, by the way, started in 1989 and is currently tracking more than 100, 000 nurses who fill out questionnaires about their health from time to time.)

What they’ve found that is that over the last 16 year period, women who upped the time they walked briskly or bicycled each day by 30 minutes maintained their weight.  Some even dropped pounds.

Conversely, women who decreased the time they spent walking briskly or bicycling to less than 15 minutes a day, gained weight (about 4 1/2 pounds).

Researchers aren’t quite sure why this is, but as one tells the “New York Times”, “[sic] it’s highly suggestive that bicycling is highly beneficial in women.” 

To that I say, “Bicycle!  Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle!”


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