Miserable heat, miserable cold

I’ve been feeling run down the past couple of days and chalked it up to the wilting heat and final week of triathlon training.  But this morning I woke up congested with watery eyes and a scratchy throat.  (I’m achy too, but that most definitely is because I fell off my bike two days ago.)  Nope, this is a full blown summer cold.  But guess what, it probably isn’t.

Apparently “summer colds” are a misnomer.  The virus that causes the common cold is more prevalent in the winter months.  What we call summer colds are apparently allergy attacks to grass and/or pollen.  No matter, I feel miserable.  And it’s 90+ degrees outside which means I’d have troubling breathing even if I didn’t have a stuffy/runny nose.

At least I know to reach for the allergy medicine instead of the cold medicine this morning!


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