Snack Wars: Sherbet vs. Sorbet

So after posting yesterday’s June Bug recipe, I got to thinking about sherbet.  Namely, how does it compare to it’s fancier cousin sorbet.  Both are a sweet summer treats, but which one will wreck your diet more?  Let the battle begin.






Round One: Calories

A scoop of rainbow sherbet packs 160 calories.  The same size serving of lemon sorbet contains 155 calories.  So really, this round is a draw.

Round Two: Sugar grams

That same scoop of sherbet has a whopping 34 grams of sugar.  The sorbet has 33.8 grams.  So again, a draw.

Round Three: Fat grams

This round is where sherbet and sorbet really shine over ice cream.  Sherbet has a measly 2 grams of fat per serving.  Sorbet…none.  The reason for this is because sherbet often contains dairy products, sorbet does not.

The Winner

Once again, this battle comes down to perference.  I prefer sorbet over sherbet.  Especially if I can mix that sorbet with some premo vanilla frozen yogurt.


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