Scratch those Sketchers

By now I’m sure you’ve seen and heard about those odd-shaped sneakers that are supposed to help you shape up.  You may even own a pair.  And I don’t blame you if you’ve given into the hype.  The shoes claim to tone your butt, thighs, calves, and abs all “without ever setting foot in a gym”.  They apparently can help you do all that because the shoe is designed to “stimulate walking on sand.”  But do they work?  Surprisingly or rather, unsurprisingly, no.

The American Council on Exercise, a non-profit health and fitness organization that certifies personal trainers, recently tested the popular Sketcher and Reebok toning sneakers.  They used a regular running shoes as a control.  A group of women were then ordered to lace up and spend some time on a treadmill at various speeds and inclines in each of the shoes.  What the researchers found is that the speciality shoes offered no additional benefit over the running shoes.  (Sketchers, naturally, took offense and blasted the study, saying there were other, larger studies that proved the benefits of rocker bottom shoes.)

I doubt, however, that the study will make a dent in Sketcher’s bottom line.  The company earned 40 million dollars during the last quarter, largely due to the sales of its toning sneakers.  And it’s pretty obvious why the shoes are so popular.  People will jump at anything that claims to help them lose weight or get into shape easy.  That’s also why the weight loss industry is expected to bring in 68 billion dollars this year.  68 billion! 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there’s no magic pill or shoe for weight loss.  You know what’ll work just as well as buying yourself a pair of 100 dollar Sketchers?  Lacing up your old pair of sneakers and exercising more.  Odds are you aren’t walking much if you’re looking for a pair of miracle sneakers to do the job for you.  At the risk of sounding preachy…just get out there and move people!


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One Response to “Scratch those Sketchers”

  1. wt15 Says:

    Amen sister, plus those sneakers are nasty looking.

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