Wanna Race?

If you’ve ever competed in a race, whether it be a 5K or a triathlon or a full marathon, you know the high crossing that finish line brings.  And once you’ve had a taste, it’s over.  Just like Lays potato chips, you can’t just have participate in one.  This new feature is for you.

Every week I’ll highlight a race somewhere around the country.  It’ll be one that’s coming up in the next few weeks and still open to competitors.  Maybe you’ll decide to sign up.  Maybe you won’t.  But hopefully you’ll be inspired to find new ways to challenge yourself physically.  If anything, you’ll be able to start a free T-shirt collection!

My pick this week is a race that’s close to home (for those of us in NYC, at least).  It’s the New York City Biathlon. 

Happening September 5th, athletes will first run 2 miles in Central Park, then bike 12 miles through the park, and then finish with another 2 mile run.  The fee is $65, $75 on race day with registration limited to 500.   And did I mention you get a free T-Shirt?  Go here to sign up.


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