When a marathon isn’t enough

Most of us only ever dream of running a marathon.  Some of us actually do it.  And then there are those for whom 26.2 miles isn’t enough of a challenge.  The ultra marathon exists for those athletes.  An ultra is loosely defined as any race longer than a traditional marathon, but most range between 50K (31 miles) and 100K (60.1 miles).  And did I mention you’d cover all this ground in one day? 

No thank you! I’m currently struggling through my the last half of my half marathon training and don’t think foot races longer than 13.1 miles are in my future.  But in case you’re interested (and you’ve got a couple regular marathons already under your runner’s belt)…here’s one to aim for:  The Coyote Ridge Trail Run at Muir Beach in Marin, California on December 26. 

That 50K race is 16 weeks away, which (I’m told) is enough time to train for an ultra if you’re an experienced marathoner.  Registration for the race is $55.  For those of us with lower mileage goals, there will also be 7 mile, 10 mile and 20 mile races.  Entrance fees for those races are $30, $30 and $40, respectively.  Bagels, snacks, a free T-shirt and a huge sense of accomplishment await you at the finish line.


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