Keeping it simple

I comb through a lot of magazines and newspapers for inspiration for this blog.  One of my resources is a website that publishes recent scientific studies ranging in everything from health and fitness to astrophysics and biochemistry.  Usually, I find some great new discovery worth highlighting.  Usually.

A current headline on this unnamed website reads:  “Reading Food Labels, Combined With Exercise, Can Lead to Weight Loss, Study Finds”.  Really?  I understand that everyone wants of piece of the billion dollar weight loss industry pie, but come on.  By now anyone and everyone trying to watch their weight has to know that watching what you eat and moving around more is the key to weight loss success.  Right? 

Then again, maybe the only way to get people to stop chasing the next quick weight loss product is by beating them over the head with study after study after study touting the benefits of eating less and exercising more.  Losing weight is simple, but not at all easy.  It took years to get where you are now and it’s going to take a long time and some hard work to get where you want to be.  Don’t give up and don’t give in to all those weight loss gimmicks out there. 

Let this latest study be the last one it takes to convince you.


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