Passing the buck

Maybe you’re not a runner.  Or maybe you’re just starting out and don’t want to challenge yourself with a big race right out of the gate.  Well friends, relay races are meant for you.

In case you never ran relay races while in the elementary grades, let  me school you…a relay race is simply members of one team taking turns running parts of a circuit or competing certain legs of a race (i.e. the swim or bike or run leg of a triathlon).'re it!

Here’s why relays are perfect for beginner racers.  You get all the experience of a race without the hard training and long distance.  Also, I can tell you from experience that completing a race as part of team is much more fun than slogging through the whole thing on your own.

If you’re looking for a race…check out the upcoming Cape Cod Relay Marathon.  Get together a team of 5 people and you all will only have to run 5.2 miles each.  Of course, if you’re a more experienced runner and want a challenge, as little as 2 people can run the race.  It takes place Sunday October 31st.  Registration is $150 and you can sign up right until the night before.


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